Prepared by Lt. Mike Loarie

On Monday, May 14th, 2012, at about 7:30 PM, a woman called EPD to report her car stolen.  When the officer arrived to speak to her, she was gone and unable to be found.  EPD was not able to finalize a report and did not put the car into the system due to lack of information (that is, by EPD routine, done by an officer speaking to the victim and then having the stolen vehicle put into the system).

On Tuesday morning, May 15th, the same woman called EPD to check on the status of her stolen car.  This time an officer was able to connect with her so a proper report could be done, and the car could be put into the system.  This second call from the victim was at an entirely different location than the call from the night before.

When the officer arrived to speak to the woman, he noticed she had injuries to her face and it appeared she had recently been involved in a fight.  The officer’s focus shifted from taking a report of a stolen vehicle to why the woman was hurt.

The woman told the officer that she had been hit by her boyfriend, later identified as Thomas Leon Davis (29 year old Escondido resident).  The woman said Davis had hit her the night before and she had blacked out from being struck in the face.  When she awoke, she noticed her car keys missing as well as her car.  She said this happened just before 7:30 PM on May 14.

The woman called EPD to report her car stolen and did not mention she had been a victim of domestic violence.

The woman said she had seen Davis with a handgun in his possession on many occasions and that he also had an assault rifle.

EPD detectives were assigned to this case.  At about 10:45 AM that morning, EPD Patrol officers discovered Davis was in his apartment in the 1300 block of E. Grand Ave.  They tried to get him to come out of his apartment, but Davis refused.

Patrol officers began to evacuate surrounding apartments as a precautionary measure because of the information that Davis might have been armed.  Davis remained in his apartment during this time.

At about 12:15 PM, it became apparent that Davis was not going to cooperate.  EPD SWAT and Emergency Negotiations Team were activated and responded to assist the Patrol officers and detectives.

SWAT completed evacuation of the surrounding apartments soon afterward and kept Davis’ apartment under constant watch.

At about 3:15 PM, Davis surrendered.  SWAT took him into custody without incident.  The arrest itself was unremarkable.

Davis will be booked at Vista Jail on charges of domestic violence as well as additional charges to be determined at a later time.

This investigation is on-going and no further details will be released.

To report any suspicious activities in your neighborhood, you may contact the Police Department directly, or you may make an unidentified call on our Anonymous Tip Line at 760-743-TIPS (8477) or via our Web site at  For breaking news releases, please follow the Escondido Police Department on Twitter at Escondido_PD.


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