Contact: Lt. T. Albergo, 760-839-4901

On February 11, 2011 the Escondido Police Department conducted a DUI Sobriety / Drivers License Checkpoint in the area of Juniper Street and Valley Parkway. Several protesters attempted to divert motorists from entering the checkpoint by waving signs advising of a checkpoint ahead.  One driver passed the protesters and their signs, and then made an abrupt turn. He was pulled over for a vehicle code violation. The driver had six suspensions on his driver’s license for prior DUI offenses. He was arrested for driving on a suspended license and taken to County Jail. Another driver who heeded the protester’s warnings drove on the wrong side of the roadway, past a “road closed sign” and was stopped by police. The driver was unlicensed.

Two men were arrested for delaying and obstructing officers in the performance of their duties when they drove into the screening lane of the checkpoint and refused to cooperate with the officers. The men had locked their doors and windows and caused traffic to stack up behind them for about five minutes. The checkpoint was temporarily shut down while police directed oncoming traffic around the stopped motorist. Officers removed the men from the vehicle and booked them at County Jail.

A parked stolen vehicle was located across from where the protesters had set up. The suspect was not found.

Other results included:

  • 1,637 vehicles drove through the checkpoint.
  • 1,041 vehicles were screened in primary.
  • 45 vehicles were sent to secondary screening (drivers who could not produce a drivers license or who  were suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • 2 field sobriety tests were administered at the checkpoint.
  • There were no arrests for DUI at the checkpoint, although one motorist was arrested for DUI  by one of the roving DUI units.
  • 1 driver was cited and released for being in possession of marijuana
  • 21 vehicles were impounded, 5 drivers had a suspended driver’s license and 16 drivers did not have a driver’s license.
  • 11 drivers had no insurance.
  • 31 total citations were issued during this event.
  • 2 child safety seats were correctly reinstalled for parents free of charge.
  • Educational material was distributed regarding Sobriety Checkpoints

Funding for this operation is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Report Drunk Drivers - Call 911

Escondido Police Department     California Office of Traffic Safety


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