Investigations BureauPurpose

The purpose of the Investigations Bureau is to provide both initial and follow-up investigations regarding criminal activity in the City of Escondido, as well as proactive enforcement to curtail future criminal activity from occurring. The Investigations Bureau integrates responses to criminal activity with the other bureaus in the department to best serve the needs of the community.

The Investigations Bureau is also responsible to monitor and respond to the Anonymous Tip Line – 760-743-8477 (TIPS). This "Tip Line" was designed to allow citizens the ability to provide the Police Department with information, anonymously if need be, regarding criminal activity. Though the "Tip Line" is checked on a daily basis, it is not designed to replace either 9-1-1 or the general police number, 760-839-4722.

For questions regarding the status of an investigation or general issues related to the Investigations Bureau, please call 760-839-4717.

Function & Structure

The Investigations Bureau is under the command of two Lieutenants. One Lieutenant commands the Criminal Investigation Division, which includes Crimes of Violence (COV), Crimes of Property (COP), and Family Protection Unit (FPU).  A second Lieutenant commands the Special Investigations Division which includes the Gang Investigation Unit (GIU), and the Special Investigations Unit (SIU).

The team members assigned to the various units are trained to investigate a wide range of criminal activity. Team members are committed to provide the community with only the highest level of customer service. On a daily basis team members diligently address criminal problems in Escondido and strive to ensure the safety of all community members.

Criminal Investigations Division


The Crimes of Violence Unit is tasked with investigating homicides, officer involved shootings, kidnapping, assault with deadly weapon cases, carjacking, and all other assaults.  COV responds 24 hours a day for significant crimes and complex investigations.  Crimes not requiring an immediate response are received from the patrol division and investigated during regular business hours.  COV is also responsible for all missing person investigations, with one full-time investigator assigned these cases.  COV works closely with other units in the Investigations Bureau to gather intelligence and locate persons who are the subject of violent crimes.


The Crimes of Property Unit is responsible for investigating a variety of criminal activities including: commercial and residential burglary, motor vehicle theft, fraud, forgery, computer and Internet related theft or fraud. For safety tips regarding identity theft and fraudulent checks, see Miscellaneous Safety Tips.


The Family Protection Unit is responsible for investigating a variety of criminal activities including: crimes against children, reports of suspected child abuse from Children's Protective Services, sexual assaults, domestic violence, elder abuse and reports of Elder Abuse from Adult Protective Services.

The unit also supervises the department's Juvenile Diversion Program and Sex Offender Registration program.

Please follow this link for further information regarding Megan's Law.


The Forensic Services Unit (FSU) responds to major crimes scenes to document and collect the evidence left at the scene of the crime.  FSU photographs, and takes measurements of, evidentiary items in order to accurately depict what was at the scene.  Once evidence is collected, FSU is responsible for examining the items for latent fingerprints and DNA.  FSU is also responsible for processing evidence collected by officers during routine criminal investigations.   FSU is supported by a team of Field Evidence Technicians (FETs), who are police officers and community service officers who have received additional training.  These FETs work in the field and respond to evidence requests made by patrol officers and detectives.

Special Investigations Division


The Gang Investigations Unit is responsible for investigating all criminal activity involving known or suspected gang members. Graffiti Vandalism cases in the City are also investigated by this unit. The sergeant in charge of this unit also manages the City’s Graffiti Vandalism Rewards Program. Click here for more information. The Escondido Police Department works in conjunction with Escondido Education COMPACT on two gang intervention programs. The Family Intervention (FIT) program is a program designed for middle and high school aged boys who are at risk of joining a gang. Girls Rock is an eight week program designed for females in the 7th or 8th grade who are at risk of joining a gang. To find out more information about these programs visit.


The Special Investigations Unit is tasked with gathering, analyzing and disseminating criminal intelligence information to assist with the department's law enforcement efforts in the community. The unit utilizes a team approach with other bureaus to primarily focus on criminal activities revolving around narcotics, vice and police-regulated businesses.