CONTACT: Lt. T. Albergo, 760.839.4901

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) will be presenting Officer Michael Guerrero of the Escondido Police Department,  special recognition for Traffic Safety Excellence.  California's law enforcement community must set ambitious goals for traffic safety enforcement and education.  Police department officials have unprecedented responsibilities to prevent traffic fatalities, which now occur at the rate of one every two hours, to reduce the number of serious injuries resulting from traffic collisions, and to positively impact the spiraling emergency services and health care costs.

During 2011, Officer Guerrero volunteered and participated in approximately 10 San Diego area AVOID special details. This is the task force comprised of local law enforcement agencies that share resources to address DUI in different jurisdictions.  Officer Guerrero is the only Drug Recognition Expert assigned to work with the San Diego County AVOID group, and his expertise has been utilized on numerous occasions by the entire team.

In addition, Officer Guerrero is Escondido’s only certified Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) instructor. He assists in the teaching of these and other DUI enforcement related courses to other law enforcement professionals. 

Officer Guerrero was honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving as Escondido's  "MADD DUI officer of the year for 2011", having made 130 arrests during 2011 for DUI. If that was not enough, Officer Guerrero coordinates staffing, setup and implementation for the Department’s DUI/DL checkpoints. Officer Guerrero participates in all of the other details, such as the DUI Saturation Patrols, court stings, etc.

Officer Guerrero has also taken an interest in Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, and attended a course at CHP headquarters last year. He and another member of our team have recently begun Escondido’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement program. Working with CHP, these officers concentrate on specific violations made by various commercial vehicle operators driving through our community, in order to improve safety.

Officer Guerrero’s work has served the Escondido community well, helping to lower alcohol involved deaths and injuries.  His DUI enforcement and other efforts are why he is being honored at a special event being held at the Escondido Police Department. Chris Murphy, the Director of the Office of Traffic Safety, will present Officer Guerrero with his award at the Police Department on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 1:30 PM. 

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