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Payment Plan Options


A payment plan for indigent persons is available under California Vehicle Code 40220:

1) The Escondido Police Department provides a payment plan for indigent persons that allows payment for unpaid parking penalties and related service fees in monthly installments no more than $25, for total amounts due that are $500 or less.

2) The amount of late fees and penalty assessments waived pursuant to (5) shall not be counted in calculating that total amount of $500 or less.

3) Unpaid parking penalties and fees shall be paid off in 24 months.

4) There shall be no prepayment penalty for paying off the balance prior to the period expiring.

5) The Escondido Police department will waive all late fees and penalty assessments, exclusive of any state surcharges described in sections 70272, 76000, and 76000.3 of the Government Code, if an indigent person enrolls in the payment plan. Waived late fees and penalty assessments may be reinstated if the person falls out of compliance with the payment plan.

6) For more information or questions regarding the program, please call (760) 839-4728.