Salary / Benefits

Salary / Benefits

Salary / Benefits

Police Officer Trainees (Entry Level)

  • Salary range: $5,139 - $5,397 (While in Academy and Field Training)

Police Officer Academy Graduates

  • Salary range: $5,397 - $5,666; Following 10 years of service as a police officer with the City of Escondido, incumbents are eligible for Step 7, $7,593 per month. Visit the City's Compensation Plan for up-to-date salary information.

Police Officer (Lateral Officers)

  • Salary range: $5,666- $7,231; Lateral Officers may be compensated based on total years of service. Visit the City's Compensation Plan for up-to-date salary information.

Outstanding Benefits Package

  • For up-to-date benefit information, please see the Benefit Summary Sheet.
  • Work Schedule: 4/10
  • Personalized Take Home Patrol Car Plan
  • 2.7% at 57 for new CalPERS members or 2.0% @ 50 for Classic CalPERS members
  • P.O.S.T. Certificate Incentive: 4.0% per month for Intermediate and 5.25% per month for Advanced
  • Educational Incentive: AA Degree 1% per month; B.S., B.A. 2% per month
  • Bilingual Skill Pay: Verbal $200 per month plus Written $75 per month
  • A comprehensive health, life, and dental insurance package
  • Holidays: 10 days per year
  • Vacation: 8½ hours per month or 102 hours per year
  • Sick Leave: 8 hours per month; Vacation Conversion Plan Available
  • Contribution to 401K: Employee contributions to 401K plans are optional
  • Shift Differential Pay: Swing/Mid Shift 2% of base pay; Graveyard Shift 4% of base pay