Point of Contact:  Lieutenant Neal Griffin, 760-839-4700

On June 5, officials of the San Diego Police Department advised the Escondido Police Department that SDPD officers would be within the city limits of Escondido attempting to arrest William Mayes, 38, of San Diego, a subject who was wanted for felony elder abuse. The officials advised that they did not anticipate needing assistance from Escondido Police.  This is not an unusual occurrence between neighboring jurisdictions.

At approximately 8:08 PM, Officers of the San Diego PD notified Escondido Police Communications Center that an officer involved shooting had occurred in the area of 3300 Del Lago Blvd in Escondido and they requested the immediate assistance of Escondido PD.  Officers were dispatched to the scene.  It was determined a shooting had occurred, that no officers or civilians were injured and that the suspect, Williams Mayes, was dead at the scene. It was also determined that Mayes had a least one suspected explosive device in his vehicle.  Officers immediately backed away from the vehicle and formed a protective perimeter around the area.  Nearby residences were evacuated and the area was closed to all vehicles and pedestrians.  Officials of the San Diego Metro Arson Strike Team (M.A.S.T.) responded to the scene and worked for several hours to clear the vehicle of explosive devices.  After the vehicle was determined to be safe, Detectives of the Escondido Police Department initiated an investigation into the shooting incident.

This investigation has determined that Officers and Detectives of the SDPD had probable cause to arrest Mayes for a felony violation of elder abuse.  Mayes was suspected to be armed.  An attempt was made to lure Mayes into an isolated parking area in the area of Del Lago Blvd and Avenida Magoria. Just before a traffic stop was initiated Mayes apparently realized the police were behind him and he began to drive away at a high rate of speed.  While still in the parking lot an attempt was made to forcibly stop the vehicle driven by Mayes; however, Mayes drove evasively from the area.  Mayes entered the roadway of Del Lago Blvd, then crashed into a retaining wall.  An officer with SDPD driving a marked patrol unit then rammed Mayes’ vehicle, pinning the vehicle against the wall and preventing Mayes from driving away.  SDPD Officers then approached the vehicle.

As officers approached, Mayes leveled a firearm towards them.  Five officers fired at Mayes who was struck several times.  Officers then moved in to remove Mayes from the vehicle and, if necessary, render first aid.  When officers approached they determined that Mayes was clearly dead and they saw one of the explosive devices in his vehicle.  The search of the vehicle conducted by M.A.S.T resulted in the discovery of seven explosive devices, commonly referred to as “pipe bombs”.  These devices were removed from the vehicle by M.A.S.T. through the use of special equipment.  In the process of rendering the devices safe, four of the seven pipe bombs detonated, an indication of the volatile and extremely dangerous nature of the deadly devices. 

Mayes was found to be in possession of four different firearms including one firearm that was slung around his neck. The weapon was a hand-made firearm loaded with a twelve gauge shotgun round.  This investigation has determined this to be the weapon that Mayes pointed toward the officers.  All four weapons were homemade devices, three of which were loaded.  Mayes was also found to have ten additional explosive devices hidden on his person and a large amount of ammunition was located in the vehicle. 

The investigation into this incident is continuing.



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