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On Thursday, 04.26.12, at about 9 PM, detectives from EPD saw Omar Jacobo Hernandez (11.14.81) driving a white car in the area of Mission Ave and Rock Springs Rd.  They knew Hernandez had State and Federal warrants for his arrest for drug possession, violation of a gang injunction, and alien smuggling.

The detectives were in marked police cars and tried to make a traffic stop on Hernandez.  Hernandez fled in the white car and headed toward San Marcos.  The detectives gave chase with lights and siren.

About three minutes into the pursuit, detectives decided to terminate the chase because Hernandez had been driving reckless and his speeds were too high.  The detectives felt the danger of the pursuit outweighed catching Hernandez.  They lost him outside the City of Escondido boundaries that border San Marcos.

Detectives and additional Escondido Police Patrol officers worked with San Diego Sheriff’s Department:  San Marcos Station deputies.  Together they found the white car that Hernandez had been driving, and it was empty.   

They gathered information where Hernandez could be over the next several hours and their investigation brought them back to Escondido- Mount Vernon Inn @ 501 W. Mission Ave, Room #333.

Detectives and officers surrounded the room and evacuated surrounding rooms on the western portion of the building.  They made announcements for the occupants to come out.  This happened at about 1:15 AM.

A woman came out and talked to the detectives.  She confirmed Hernandez and another female, Natalie Mejia (11.13.88) were in the room.

Detectives called the room and yelled into the room for Hernandez and Mejia to come out.  They did not comply.  Detectives saw Hernandez and Mejia in the room.

At one point, Hernandez and Mejia left the room, but would not surrender.  They stayed on the balcony area and remained uncooperative despite orders from police to surrender.

At about 3 AM, Escondido SWAT was activated along with an Emergency Negotiations Team.  SWAT deployed chemical agent into the room to keep Hernandez and Mejia from going back inside.  Once the chemical agent was deployed, Hernandez and Mejia surrendered within minutes and without further incident.  They surrendered at about 3:40 AM.

No one was hurt during this incident.

Hernandez will be booked into Vista Jail on his warrants.  He is also facing additional charges of felony evading (the pursuit) and resisting/obstruction of arrest.

Detectives are conducting additional follow-up.  At this time Mejia is facing charges of harboring a felon and resisting/obstruction of officers.

This case is on-going and EPD does not anticipate any additional information release at this time.

Reference CN 12.05291

Prepared by Lt. Mike Loarie- EPD Investigations Bureau