Crime Mapping

Operating under a community policing philosophy, the Escondido Police Department strives to prevent crime and respond to community needs. The use of computer technology is a major crime fighting resource.

My Neighborhood Update

My Neighborhood Update helps facilitate the flow information from law enforcement to the community. To search reported crime occurrences in your area, please click here.


Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS)

The following information was obtained from the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) Web site:

ARJIS was created as a joint powers agency (JPA) to share information among justice agencies throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties in California. ARJIS is used for tactical analysis, investigations, statistical information, and crime analysis. The ARJIS governance structure promotes data sharing and cooperation at all levels for member agencies, from chiefs to officers to technical staff.

ARJIS is responsible for major public safety initiatives, including wireless access to photos, warrants, and other critical data in the field, crime and sex offender mapping (Megan's Law), crime analysis tools evaluation, and an enterprise system of applications that help users solve crimes and identify offenders. ARJIS also serves as the region's information hub for officer notification, information sharing, and the exchange, validation, and real-time uploading of many types of public safety data.

Escondido Police Officers and Investigators use ARJIS to analyze crime trends and develop a plan for an appropriate response.

Crime Mapping Computer

How To View Crime Mapping on ARJIS

Crime mapping can be viewed for specific neighborhoods by following the steps listed below.

Step 1:

View Beat Map to find your beat number

Step 2:

Visit ARJIS to obtain information based on your beat number.


* Additional crime statistic information can be found online by going to the SANDAG Criminal Justice Research Division.