Tactical Operations Group

The Tactical Operations Group (TOG) includes the Emergency Negotiations Team (ENT), SWAT, Tactical Dispatchers, and specially trained Fire Department paramedics.

Emergency Negotiations Team

The Escondido Police Department Emergency Negotiations Team (ENT) is comprised of Officers, Detectives, and Community Service officers, who receive extensive training in crisis negotiation. The ENT may be called to respond to situations requiring more expertise with persons in crisis.

The team is commanded by a lieutenant, and there are two sergeants who serve as team leaders. There are 14 officers assigned to the team. The ENT routinely deploys with SWAT and during routine patrol operations to assist with crisis communications.


Founded in 1991, The Escondido Police Department SWAT team is comprised of officers and detectives as a collateral assignment. The officers receive extensive training in special weapons and equipment, tactics, and physical conditioning. They may be called to respond to situations requiring more expertise or specialized equipment than the regular patrol officers.  The team is on call to conduct operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Such operations include hostage rescue, barricaded and armed suspects, high-risk warrant service, dignitary protection, and surveillance. The Escondido Fire Department paramedics provide medical support for the officers, suspects, or hostages who may be injured during a tactical incident.